Bathroom Organization 101

Bathroom organization means everything when you’re looking for the essentials. Having a well-organized bathroom can make your morning routine run smoothly; alternatively, a bathroom countertop piled high with random assortments of different products can make your morning routine hectic and stressful. Have you ever found yourself spending ten minutes looking for floss in your pile of bathroom clutter? Don’t worry, we have solutions for you! Read our list of bathroom organization 101 tips to declutter your bathroom in no time! No more “I can’t find the floss” excuses for skipping on oral hygiene!

Vertical Towel Rack

Don’t waste precious space in your bathroom cabinet with bulky folded towels. These vertical towel rack holders are space-conscious and also look great on your bathroom wall. You can even organize your towels by size.

Toilet Paper Roll Holder

Toilet paper roll holders look better than stacking extra rolls on the back of the toilet. Also, a quick glance at the roll holder will tell you whether or not you’re running low on TP.

Dental Floss Dispenser

This dental floss dispenser doesn’t truly fall under the bathroom organizer category, but this little guy makes for a great reminder to floss your pearly whites. He can stand on any flat surface which makes him more accessible than most floss dispensers.

Toothbrush Holder for Mirror

Instead of cluttering up your countertop with bulky items like toothbrush holders, try one of these cute toothbrush holders that sticks to your mirror. This toothbrush holder allows your brush to completely air dry while staying out of your way. The animal designs are also wonderful for children.

Maximize Your Corners

The corner of your bathroom countertop can be a great place to put a counter shelf. This 3-level bamboo corner shelf isn’t just for kitchens! The top shelf would be good for tall bottles, while the lower two shelves can store anything from spare hand towels to toothpaste tubes or everyday makeup.

With an organized bathroom, you will feel more motivated to do what you know you need to do: Brush at least twice a day for two minutes and floss at least once a day. Organization will lead you to better oral hygiene and will make your morning and evening routines run smoothly. Keep your oral health in check by flossing and brushing daily and regularly visiting your dentist. Schedule an appointment with McNeely Family Dentistry today!

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