3 Types of Floss & Finding the One That’s Right for You

Overlooking flossing as an important part of your daily oral hygiene regimen can lead to unnecessary dental problems. The tight spaces between your teeth cannot be thoroughly cleaned without the help of flossing, which eliminates trapped food particles and lingering bacteria. When not properly removed, bacteria can form into plaque leading to a host of issues that can become costly if left untreated.

Now that we know why flossing is so important, let’s find out what kind of floss is right for you.

Traditional floss

This is the most commonly found and used floss type. It is a stringed material, which is found waxed or unwaxed as well as flavored or non-flavored. Although there is no difference between waxed and unwaxed floss, many people prefer waxed as it glides more easily between the teeth. 

Oral irrigators

Using this method, pulsating water does the job of removing food and bacteria buildup between the gums and teeth. The oral irrigator is perfect for those with sensitive gums as it provides a gentle and very thorough cleaning.

Floss picks

Although almost as popular as regular floss, floss picks are not as effective as they do not allow you to reach angles that traditional floss can. The floss pick is a convenient choice for those preferring the handle, which allows for a better grasp than the stringed floss.

Selecting the perfect solution is very much a matter of preference. If you are suffering from issues, such as gingivitis, you should explore your options and choose a gentle yet effective flossing technique. Visit the American Dental Association to learn more about floss and interdental cleaners.

Despite all the different types of floss on the market today, there is nothing that can replace the traditional floss. While irrigators are great as a back-up to flossing, they won’t get the grim that sits just below the gumline or get into the back corners of your teeth. The best way to floss is to use a traditional floss, then follow up with an irrigator for maximum effectiveness.

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