Dental Benefits of Tea

Tea is often touted for its various health benefits, and that includes the good it can do for your teeth. So go ahead, brew a nice, warm cup of tea and read on to learn how it’ll help your oral health. Go Green If you’re looking for a tea with tooth-saving powers, stick to green … Continued

Are Bad Teeth Genetic?

We all know that genetics determine quite a bit about us. Whether you’re certain you’ve inherited your father’s chin or convinced that you’ve got your grandmother’s eyes, your genes are responsible for much of your appearance. One less obvious way that genetics influence how you look is through their impact on your teeth. Genetics Determine … Continued

Why Does My Jaw Pop?

Having a jaw that pops can be distressing, especially if it inhibits movement during daily tasks like talking or eating. If you’re experiencing a popping sound or feeling in your jaw, this could be a sign of TMJ. Read our blog post to learn more!

Consequences of Thumbsucking in Children

Young children have many ways to soothe themselves as they develop. Using pacifiers and thumbsucking are two ways that are most common. Although this is harmless when they are babies, after their teeth come in, sucking can present problems for teeth and mouth. Read our blog post to learn about the dental consequences of thumbsucking.

Healthy Holiday Treat Ideas for Your Family

Chances are your family, and especially your kids, loves to indulge in sweet treats during the holidays. But how do you swap their favorite sweets for treats that aren’t so bad for their teeth? Read our blog post for some healthy holiday treat ideas for your family so they can enjoy the holidays by satisfying their sweet tooth without bringing on the cavities.

How Lasers Are Changing Your Dental Visit

We strive to make our patients’ experience one of comfort, convenience, and ease. One of the technologies we employ to do this is using laser treatments during a variety of services. Read our blog to learn how lasers are revolutionizing dentistry!

Are Your Kid’s Teeth Ready to Go Back to School?

It’s August and we all know what that means – back to school! Whether your little ones can’t wait to hit the books or they’re begging for one more week of summer, one thing is for sure, they need healthy teeth. Read our blog post for tips and tricks to set their smile up for a successful school year. Don’t forget to contact us to schedule checkups for the entire family!

We Can Make Your Family Dental Visits Stress-Free

Read our blog post to learn about our convenient family block scheduling, kid-friendly amenities, dental sedation, and top-notch care. We want to make dental visits as easy as possible for you and your family. Contact us to schedule checkups for your entire family today!

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