Selecting a Toothpaste for Your Child

Children’s dental care is extremely important. Although their baby teeth will fall out eventually, it is still very important to keep them healthy, and to instill great oral care habits in your child at an early age. In this post, we’ll help you choose a toothpaste for your child. Fluoride Is a Must Fluoride is … Continued

Can Porcelain Veneers Get Cavities?

Porcelain veneers can completely improve your look, leaving you with a straight, sparkling smile. But a new smile does not mean you can neglect your oral care. Read on to learn more about veneers and why you should give them the same TLC you’d give your teeth pre-veneers, if not more! What Are Veneers? When … Continued

Healthy Holiday Treat Ideas for Your Family

Chances are your family, and especially your kids, loves to indulge in sweet treats during the holidays. But how do you swap their favorite sweets for treats that aren’t so bad for their teeth? Read our blog post for some healthy holiday treat ideas for your family so they can enjoy the holidays by satisfying their sweet tooth without bringing on the cavities.

How Can I Prevent Cavities?

Read our blog post to learn about cavities: what they are, their causes, symptoms, and prevention. Combat tooth decay with a great oral care routine and biannual visits to the dentist. Our expert team would love to help protect your family’s smiles. Contact our friendly office today to join our dental family!

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