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In search of a root canal dentist in Charlotte, NC? McNeely Family Dentistry is a great option. If your tooth is severely decayed, Dr. McNeely will likely recommend a root canal treatment to prevent serious and painful complications such as bone loss, swelling, and tooth abscess. Keep reading to learn more about root canal treatments.

Reasons for Root Canal Treatments

Dr. McNeely may recommend a root canal treatment if the pulp of your teeth faces an infection or inflammation. A root canal may also make sense if the pulp dies. Here are some signs that may indicate you’re a go candidate for a root canal:

Tooth pain every time you chew or bite down
Shooting pain from one area of your mouth to another
Tooth sensitivity
Tooth discoloration
Persistent gum soreness
A lesion that is revealed through an x-ray

Does a Root Canal Hurt?

Many patients are concerned that a root canal is a painful procedure. The good news is that it’s nearly pain-free. This is because Dr. McNeely uses a number of numbing and anesthesia medications as well as gentle tools while performing root canals.

Root Canal Results

After you undergo a root canal treatment, your tooth will be saved. So why is this important? A saved tooth can lead to more efficient chewing and reduce the risk of complications. It can also protect your teeth from extreme wear or stain while leaving you with a natural look. Essentially, a root canal will restore your tooth’s integrity when restorations aren’t an option. Our Fuquay Varina dentist friends at Lane and Associates have told us that root canals are essential for the happiness of some patients.

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If you’re wondering whether you’re a good candidate for root canals or have further questions on how they work, don’t hesitate to contact our Charlotte, NC area office at 704-496-9001. We look forward to providing you with the prompt, quality service you deserve.

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