Floss Picks vs. Dental Floss

Everyone knows it’s important to floss, in order to catch food particles that get trapped between your teeth. But which flossing technique is right for you? We break down the two most popular options: traditional dental floss and floss picks.

Dental Floss


Dental floss is the original way to floss, and it has many benefits. By wrapping about 18 inches of floss around your fingers and slowly unwinding and rewinding it as you move between teeth, you’re able to floss with a fresh section each time. Most importantly, this allows you to constantly check to see if there is any bleeding or discoloration between your teeth. Oral feedback is very important because it lets you know what’s actually going on in your mouth, which is no easy task. Using a fresh section of floss at each site also prevents you from moving harmful germs around your mouth.


Using traditional dental floss can seem time-consuming and inconvenient. It’s also tougher to reach in-between molars at the back of your mouth. This can be a big enough hurdle that it stops some people from flossing altogether.

Floss Picks


Floss picks are incredibly easy to use and to move between teeth, especially when you need to get at those hard-to-reach areas in the back of your mouth. They’re also extremely portable and can quickly be thrown in a purse or pocket. Some floss picks made for kids even come with cartoon characters on them, which can be a good ways to get kids interested in flossing.


The biggest con of floss picks is that the job just isn’t as thorough as it is with traditional floss. There’s no opportunity to see on what’s going on inside your mouth, since you can’t check the floss for discoloration or any other changes like you can with traditional floss. Picks can also be too harsh on sensitive gum tissue, as you can’t massage the floss in slowly like you can with traditional floss. The thread on a floss pick can quickly get worn down so it’s not as useful at each flossing site. To top it off, floss picks are single-use plastics and therefore more harmful to the environment.


While it’s definitely a bit more work, we think traditional flossing is more beneficial than floss picks. With that in mind, using floss picks is certainly better than not flossing at all!

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