Eat This, Not That: Healthy Foods for Teeth

If you’re trying to improve your dental health and your diet at the same time, the benefits will be two-fold! Often, foods that aren’t great for your teeth are also some of the worst for your entire body. Here are some simple food substitutions that can help you get a healthier smile and more nutrition for your body.

Healthy Foods for Teeth

                Eat This: Apple Not That: Coffee I know, I know. How are you going to go without your morning cup of coffee? Coffee is fine in moderation, and drinking water or brushing your teeth afterwards certainly helps to keep the stains away. However, if you’re already on your third cup of coffee today, it’s probably time to try a different energy booster. Instead of that next cup, pick up an apple. Snacking on an apple can boost your energy nearly the same as a cup of jo. Eat This: Almonds Not That: Chips If you’re craving something crunchy and salty, that bag of chips probably looks delicious! However, the starch in chips quickly turns to sugar and gets caught in your teeth, leaving your pearly whites more susceptible to tooth decay. Instead of those salty potato chips, pick up a bag of almonds! They’re still crunchy and salty, but they’re much better for your teeth and provide some essential nutrients for healthy teeth and a healthy body. Eat This: Cheese Not That: Yogurt Although yogurt does have a lot of essential nutrients, some yogurt has an abundance of sugary sweeteners as well. These sweeteners often aren’t natural fruit, but artificial or refined sugars that aren’t great for your dental health. Natural cheeses can lower the acidity levels in your mouth and promote healthy tooth enamel while still affording your body the benefits of calcium.
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