Getting Ready For Your Kid’s First Dental Visit

Every child is unique. Some may be excited to go to the dentist like Mommy and Daddy, and others might be pretty apprehensive. We’ll take care of them like our own once they’re here, but there are some things you can do to prepare your child before leaving the house. Check out some of our ideas.

Prepare For Your Visit

  • A few days before your child’s appointment, start talking about it. Tell them about your (positive) experiences at the dentist!
  • Google pictures of dental chairs and kids at the dentist and images of the instruments we’ll use, like the tooth polisher and mirror. Share them with your child on your computer or tablet. You could even print them out and make a simple matching game with the pictures.
  • Kids love pretend play. Consider acting out a trip to the dentist. First, you be the dentist, then switch the roles and give your child a chance. Get creative with some props. A tiny spoon could make a great dental mirror and a straw could be the water sprayer. You could even brush each other’s teeth – we always approve of extra brushings!
  • Take a trip to the library to find books on the dentist. There are wonderful books available featuring popular TV and storybook characters. Hearing about a favorite character enjoying a trip to the dentist really plants positive seeds.
  • Download an app. Search for free or low-cost apps about the dentist for your tablet or smartphone. The more you can make the dentist seem fun, the less worried your child will be.

During all of these activities, be sure to address any questions your child may have. Don’t know the answer? Call us! We’re happy to help. We look forward to creating a positive experience for you and your child.

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