Proper Oral Care for Your First Interview

When preparing for your first interview, you may feel a little overwhelmed with making sure you’ve got everything ready: copies of your credentials, a neatly pressed outfit, and the confidence to answer all the questions with poise. However, one thing many people often overlook before an interview is their oral care. Things like bad breath and poor dental hygiene are often cited as the number one turn-off when making a first impression. You want to look and feel your best from the moment you step into the room, and ensuring you take proper care of your teeth beforehand means you will show your future employer your most confident and brilliant smile. Here are a few tips for making sure your mouth is in top condition before your first interview.

Avoid Certain Foods

Even as early as the day before, you might want to curb your appetite for pungent or acidic foods that will have a lingering effect on your mouth. Sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and foods like garlic can contribute to bad breath and an unclean taste in the mouth even after brushing. Avoid these foods for about 24 hours beforehand so that you won’t feel insecure about how fresh and clean your mouth feels.

Brush, Floss, & Use Mouthwash

Part of the preparation for your interview should include detailed grooming so that you look and smell clean, and your teeth are an essential part of this. Even if your interview is in the middle of the day after you’ve already brushed that morning, make sure you brush again to get rid of any residue from the previous meal and follow up with mouthwash. If you’ve already flossed that day, it might not be necessary, but it certainly can’t hurt to remove any food particles that might be lurking between your teeth.

Avoid Eating or Drinking While You Wait

You may be tempted to eat or drink something immediately beforehand to ease your nerves, but if you are sipping on coffee or snacking on chips as you are waiting, there’s no telling what may be caught in your teeth. The state of your breath may be cause for concern if you’ve just devoured a bag of Doritos and washed it down with a latte. Make sure you eat a decent meal when you are still at home so that you can brush and floss thoroughly afterwards without feeling rushed. If you must eat while you are out, be prepared and bring a disposable toothbrush, a few dental floss picks, and a pack of breath strips to make sure your teeth are sparkling and clean.

Freshen Up at the Last Minute

While you don’t want to chew gum during your interview, you may want to pop a stick of sugarless gum in your mouth shortly before you are called to begin your interview. Chewing may help ease your nerves and will freshen your breath. Just be sure to find a discreet way of discarding it before you are actually called to the interview room so you don’t have to spit it out in front of your potential new employer.

McNeely Family Dentistry offers comprehensive dental care for the entire family, and there’s no better time to schedule your next dental cleaning than before you begin your job hunt. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment and we’ll get your smile interview-ready.

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