Protecting Your Teeth at Halloween

This year Halloween falls on the start of the weekend, so many more boys and girls will be out trick-or-treating than normal. Make sure your little ghosts and goblins aren’t robbed of their beautiful smiles due to cavities from all the candy they consume. If you want to avoid an early visit to the dentist for fillings here are some tips to help keep your kids teeth healthy this Halloween.
  1. Set up a candy plan with your child. Go through the candy bag with your child and divide it up. Give half the candy away or donate it. This will not only save your children’s teeth, but will also teach them about sharing and giving.
  2. Set a time of day when your child can eat the candy, such as an after school or after dinner snack. The key is to keep them from eating candy all day long.
  3. Set up a teeth brushing time with your child. This is really good right after your child eats the candy so the sugar does not stay on the teeth.
Sticky candies such as taffies and caramels are among some of the worst Halloween treats when it comes to your teeth. They stick to everything in your mouth including grooves and spaces on and between your teeth. This creates a perfect opportunity for bacteria to grow leaving cavity causing acid on your teeth. Hard candies are also bad for your teeth. While they don’t stick to your teeth, they stay in your mouth longer providing a more acidic environment for your teeth. This causes decay of the tooth enamel. Make sure your child is visiting a dentist twice a year for cleanings and have a Happy and Safe Halloween.

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