Dental Crowns

Have you had dental work done in the past that required a new tooth? Chances are you have a dental crown! Dental crowns are used in many ways at McNeely Family Dentistry. They give your smile a natural look and feel that Dr. McNeely takes pride in providing. Your oral health care is one of our top goals, but the cosmetic look of your smile is just icing on top of the cake. There is no reason anybody should know that you have had dental work done, and that’s just how we like it!

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The Many Uses for a Dental Crown

A crown is essentially a replacement tooth. How a crown is used and placed varies for many different scenarios. Each patient is different, so a consultation with your Charlotte dentist Dr. McNeely will provide you with the best options for your specific needs. Here are the most common uses for dental crowns.

Strengthen Failing Teeth

If you have teeth that are cracked, broken, or in other forms of disrepair, contact us for a dental consultation, you may need a dental crown! If the root and overall structure of your tooth is still in good shape, Dr. McNeely can ready the tooth by shaping it, and then bond the new crown over it like a cap.

Replace Missing Teeth with a Bridge

A lost tooth is not the end of the world, there are many amazing options for replacing a lost tooth, many of which are just like the real thing! One such option is a dental bridge. A bridge joins two or three replacement crowns together where the middle crown fills the empty space where your tooth used to be, and the other crowns get anchored onto the teeth next to the empty space. The end result will be dazzling!

Crowns Placed on Dental Implants

Dental implants are one of the best and most permanent ways to replace a tooth. The implant is placed into your jaw, then a crown is installed onto the implant. The crown from a dental implant will be cleaned just as you would your other teeth, with routine brushing and flossing.

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