In Pain? Tooth Extractions in Charlotte & Harrisburg, NC

At McNeely Family Dentistry, we will do whatever we can to save your natural tooth. However, sometimes taking out a tooth is the best solution to improve your oral health. Tooth extraction might be necessary for a number of reasons including decay, trauma or crowding. Before any oral surgery, we will explain your options and make sure you understand the procedure. Our office is very insurance friendly, plus we have flexible payment options. We don’t want you to put off necessary treatment because of financial worries.

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Wisdom Teeth Removal

One of the most common types of oral surgery is the removal of a wisdom tooth. This is often necessary not because of decay or damage, but because the tooth is growing in at a bad angle or there is insufficient room for it to erupt properly. Our digital X-rays allow our team to make an accurate diagnosis. If they are not removed, impacted wisdom teeth can cause a lot of pain and crowd other teeth.

FAQs About Tooth Extractions

Will a tooth extraction cure an abscess?

Abscesses are caused by infections and can become very serious if ignored. Some signs you have an abscess include a toothache; sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures or to pressure; swelling around the tooth or lymph nodes in your jaw; bad tasting salty fluid in your mouth; or fever. Sometimes an abscess can be remedied with a root canal but in advanced cases a tooth extraction is necessary. Antibiotics might also be needed to help eliminate the infection.

We offer Invisalign® clear aligner therapy instead of traditional braces. A digitized computerized scan of your mouth provides a highly personalized treatment plan. Extracting teeth is rarely necessary before straightening with Invisalign. The exception would be wisdom teeth that will erupt at a bad angle and disrupt the treatment.

After your oral surgery, our team will provide detailed instructions on tooth extraction aftercare. The necessary precautions will depend on the extent of the surgery but soft foods that are neither too hot nor too cold are recommended for the first few days. Chew on your teeth away from the site of the extraction and avoid anything spicy. It’s also important not to dislodge the blood clot so drinking from a straw is strongly discouraged.

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