Tooth-Friendly Back to School Snacks for Kids

Summer is almost over and soon our little angels will be going back to school. Even though they will be busy learning all kind of great new things you still want to make sure they are eating healthy. It’s important to make sure that their nutritional needs, as well as their educational needs, are being met. It can be easy to fall into a pattern of unhealthy and cavity producing snacks for your little ones, creating unwanted and frequent dental visits.

But, there’s good news! There’s a whole world of nutritional, tooth-friendly back to school snacks for kids that will give your child the vitamins, supplements and energy needed for a full day of learning. Following is a list of easy and nutritional snacks you can send with your kids that are tasty, yet teeth friendly:


One of the keys to keeping cavities at bay is stabilizing the pH balance of your mouth. Cheese and yogurt are wonderful at achieving a stable pH balance and are high in calcium, strengthening your teeth and bones.


Nuts are little power-balls of protein, guaranteed to give your little one the energy needed to complete a full day. They are also low in sugar, a definite plus for parents!


Vitamin C is an essential vitamin for children. Fruits high in Vitamin C will strengthen blood vessels and connective tissue in the gums, making your little one’s smile all the bigger. Watermelon, oranges and cantaloupes definitely will complete the snack job!


Use some crunchy and vitamin filled carrots as a natural teeth cleaner in the middle of the day between brushes!

No matter how picky your little angel is there is sure to be a healthy snack they will enjoy during their school day. Make sure to stay vigilant against the cavity threat and plan for a nutritious and healthy school year!

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